We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks Sees Entertainment

We believe the development of entertainment in the USA has been stunted for years. We're striving to bring eastern influenced entertainment to the West.



We Strive to Bring Exceptional Service and Products 

S-Class Machinery

We strive to constantly improve the quality of our products and that all starts at the Machinery. With constant updates and improvements, we make sure to stay ahead of the game in equipment.


Game Cards

Long gone are coins, we're introducing a new game changer. Game Cards. Simply charge and tap away. Allowing you to store credits and reward points (coming soon), there is no easier way to play.

Gatcha Plush

Gatcha will be developing more Plush Friends throughout the year. Allowing us to control the quality from Point A to Point B in production. Completely changing the game.



A Different Approach to Entertainment

New Updates to Watch out For

  • Trade-in Shop

    • Gatcha

  • Online Store

    • Gatcha Merch​​

    • Exclusive Plush

  • New Gatcha Locations

    • New York (est. 2023)​

    • Boston (est. 2023)

    • Los Angelos (est. 2024)


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Orlando Team Member

Orlando, FL

We're look for energetic motivated individuals to join our team in Orlando. Submit your resume and see if you are a good fit!